Living the Faith

Being a Catholic Pilgrim means living the faith out everyday of our lives. Our faith in God is not just for Sundays. It is for every day, every hour, every minute. Non-believers should look at us and see something different. Our lives should look different and the journey of living out the Christian faith is an amazing ride. God’s plan for our lives is always better than our best-laid plans.

Growing up, I knew as a family we were Christians, but, for the most part, we only lived it on Sundays. Upon becoming Catholic, I was opened to the whole world of liturgical living. From feasts days to celebrating saints, to not packing up the Christmas tree on December 26th, to the depth and fullness of Lent and Advent, I found a world I never knew existed. My house now has reminders everywhere that I profess Christ as my Lord and I love it.

Living out the faith requires discipline, persistence, dedication, and sometimes getting a little uncomfortable. It means being diligent in the media I consume. It means ordering my life around Mass and not Mass around my life. It means finding a time to pray every day. It means finding ways to grow in holiness. What greater challenge in this life than to live the faith courageously and strive to become who God created you to be?

My challenge to you: Live your faith every day. Don’t neglect Mass. Find a way to make prayer a habit. Find ways to integrate your faith into every part of your life. Blessings will flow, I promise.