Being a Catholic Pilgrim means exploring the history of Christ, His Church, and the saints. Why? Because it connects us with our roots and helps to understand that we are apart of something long-lasting and very special.

Growing up, I never once thought about where we got the Bible, if Christ established a church, and what the early Christians thought. I didn’t really question all the thousands of Christian denominations. When I married my husband, a cradle Catholic, my eyes were opened to the rich history of the Catholic Church. I now know that the Catholic Church gave us the canon of scripture. I know that Christ did, in fact, establish one church and the Catholic Church can trace its roots back to the first pope–Peter. I know that the early Christian’s believed all the doctrines and truths that the Catholic Church holds to this day. Quite literally, I was stunned. The history of the Church was overwhelming, thrilling, and so, so rich.

You didn’t get the Eastern Orthodox Church until 1054. The Anglican Church came about in the 1500s, as did Lutherans and Calvinists. All other Christian denominations came about sometime after the 1500s. This should mean something. The Catholic Church has been there since the beginning and I don’t think Christ wanted us to have over 30,000 denominations. In fact, He prayed that we would all be one.

I love the history of the Church and it can teach us so much. When I understood the apostolic linage, I just knew I had to belong to the same church as them.

I challenge you to learn the history. Read books on it. Google where all the apostles’ remains are held.

Visiting Mission San Luis Rey in California